With Jeep Cappadocia Ihlara –Sierra Taurus Mountains- St. Paul Trailis Lago di   Beyşehir, Eğridir, Adada, Selge, Koprulu Canon, Beskonak via Antalya, Lycian way Olympos- Demre (Papa Nuel) Yacht Blue Cruise Lycian way Mediterranean -Turquoise Coast (city antique the islands Kekova- Simena-Bays Baba Lycian Mountains Oludeniz Fethiye-Pamukkale- Hierapolis-Ephesus-İstanbul (15 Days)

SIERRA TAURUS St. Paul TRAILIS the second long distance footpath in Turkey. It runs about 163500 kms from the east of Antalya in the lakes region of Turkey. It passes through some of the greenest areas of the Taurus mountains in natural pine, cedar, oak and juniper forests are abound. Then he falls in Lakeland, with its fertile plains full of fruit trees and fields. Untouched by time, pastoral lifestyle, rich history, natural beauty and diversity of wildlife in this area gives you almost everything you would like to find a hiker in doubt paseo.Sin one of the highlights around the St Paul Trail Trek, Bicycle, Jeep, the old town itself and the old way of building stone that leads to that are the inspiration time. Many of the buildings are still in very good condition and the old road is incredibly beautiful. (St Paul Trail)
CAPPADOCIA: The fantastic landscapes of the region of Turkey that formerly was100_2004 called Cappadocia are the result of a orogenic whim, in which took part the powerful action of volcanoes, rain and time. The volcanic sediments that make up the crust of the soil of Cappadocia have undergone during eras the ferocious erosion of the climatic elements of the Anatolian plateau, gradually creating a own world of dreams unreal scenery populated with formation stony improbable, that the real . Meanwhile, men have taken part to torment still more these landscapes, drilling their entrails to carve churches and monastery, peppering the walls and floor rock to build labyrinthine underground cities. The rock architecture reaches in the Cappadocia its apotheosis
The schooner sailing boats are wooden  6 to 8 cabins are very comfortable .. The crew on board were occupies the traveler fully enjoy your vacation while surfing the coast enjoying 020 (2)the turquoise sea and the amazing scenery. A blue paradise and amazing story planted Coast traveler.

1 Day …………… via Istanbul-O-KAYSERİ NEVŞEHİR
Flight via Istanbul. Accommodation in Cappadocia. (D)
2 Day- With Jeep  in Cappadocia
After breakfast,  Valley (Devrent), Red Valley Love Vallley where the stone eroded by the wind forms peaks, cones and obelisks called fairy chimneys. The valley of the monks (Pasabagi). The Kizilvadi valley (Red) is amazingly beautiful, especially during this sol.En voucher ‘the Uzumlu Church of century IX. (1,100 m) hotel accommodation.Cave hotel accommodation historic home.
3 Day- With Jeep  in Cappadocia, Ihlara Canyon Güzelyurt (Gelveri)872
After breakfast,to visit troglodyte village of Selimiye Hittites, Romans, early Christians living places. chapels, churches, monasteries, houses and tombs, following the development of Byzantine painting, lofts and everyday life of the typical village of Ihlara canyon Anatolia constituted by breaks and crashes out with getting cold lavas containing dense substances basalt and andesite and overflowing mountain Hasandag. In a way that left the area finding Melendiz stream to flow and give way to the canyon today, that stream was called in the early ages Potamus Kapadukus which means the river of Cappadocia. The valley lies 14 kilometers long. the beginnings of Ihlara, finished in Selime. The scope of hight valley 100-150 meters at some places. Across the valley there are shelters and then in the afternoon visit to underground cities Güzelyurt 100_1293(Gelveri) ancient Greek city.Cave hotel accommodation historic home.
4 Day- With Jeep  in Cappadocia-via Konya-Lake Beyşehir-Egridir Lake
After breakfast, Road transport 4-5 hrs, Travel  is arrival The Lake Beyşehir visit city inn The mosque was built by Esrefoglu under orders Seyheddin Süleyman Bey in 1296. The most striking are its 42 massive wooden pillars, colorful mosaics and mihrab “altar” of blue tiles lake Egridir arrival visit the Silk Road to visit the Caravanserai Egridir a huge functional monument. The caravanserai was built in 1229.’s The best preserved of the great Seljuk-ottamana inns. Lakeside Accommodation at the hotel (900 m)  
5 Day- With Jeep Taurus Mountains, Lake Egridir-Kovada-Kasımlar-Caltepe

After breakfast via St. Paul Lake Kovada arrival of the visit ruins of antique city 100_1930Adada Kasimlar (1008 m.)to Kesme (1038 m.). An ancient path will lead to Kasimlar overlooking the deep canyon. Ruins of rural settlements, herds of goats and shepherds, scenes of local life, spectacular rock formations, Accommodation in a rural house. Dinner and overnight.
6 Day- With Jeep Taurus Mountains Caltepe -Selge-Koprulu Canon
After breakfast,Crossing the park, full of trees henna and rocks sculpted by the wind, to the ruins of Selge, and ancient city where St. Paul preached. Suggestive appear the historical theater filled inside the vegetation and terraces supported by dry stone walls where a thriving farming, canon Beskonak down to Canon within forest, healthy red trees. Accommodation in bungalows Beşkonak
7 Day- With Jeep Koprulu Canon Via Antalya – Lycian way Olympos068
After breakfast,visit to Aspendos and Perge. Perge was first mentioned in 334 BC
St. Paul started his campaign in Anatolia from Perge in 46 AD. Antalya was called Pamphylia in ancient times Aspendos (Belkis). In 486 BC, Greeks and Persians had a great battle here (Greeks won, they didn’t stay for long). During the reign of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius (161-80 AD) Aspendos got its theatre, which is the best preserved of all. It was built by Romans and maintained by Byzantines and Seljuks. And arrival and the visit ancient city of Olympos Accommodation in bungalows Cıralı or Olympos
Afterdinner. Chimera FlameTourIMG_0609 - Kopya (2)
Check out the amazing phenomenon of the natural gas flames known as the Chimera. This geothermal event has been burning for thousands of years. The contents of this gas that makes these flames re-ignite, is still a mystery. Come and see for yourself and tell us your theory. Trips to the Chimera leave every night after dinner.
8 Day- With Jeep Lycian way Olympos-Adrasan-Gelidonia-Kumluca-Demre Yacht Blue Cruise Mediterranean (Licia Way) Sunken City of Kekova
After breakfast. With Jeep route path of Lycian way arrival Kumluca-Finike to the archaeological site of Myra, and to Demre for the St.Nicholas Church and arrival to the harbour of 020 (2)Demre between 1 or 2 p.m lunch. Pirates Cave (sea conditions permitting), Sunken City of Kekova (this Lycian-Roman archaeological site is protected, so only looking!).Simena, a traditional Turkish fishing village with no car access and Byzantine/Ottoman castle.In Gokkaya Bay swimming There are so many beautiful bays and inlets around the coast. It located between the islands and beaches will also find historic archaeological sites to explore. Dinner, relax in this pirates haven or party the night away at the Simena.
9 Day- Yacht Blue Cruise Lycian way,Simena-Kaş (Antiphellos)
After breakfast. route path of Lycian way arrival to harbour of Kaş and Lunch.Visit of this charming fishing village Of ancient Antiphellos, as Kas was once known, only Lycian rockDSC_0848 tombs & sarcophagi and the Roman theatre,night Kas or Aquarium  Firnaz Bay (swimming)

10 Day- With Jeep Yacht Lycian way Mediterranean-Fethiye
After breakfast, it’s time to say goodbye to equipo Yacht Blue Cruise, With Jeep route path of Lycian way via Small villages of Patara,Bel,Alınca,Kirme,Faralya ,Key,Kabak, Butterfly Valley, Baba mountain 2500 m, from the foothills Your world view of the beautiful nature, sea​​-mountain arrival to Oludeniz (The Blue Lagoon) Fethiye. Hotel accommodation in Fethiye.
11 Day – With Jeep Fethiye Pamukkale-Hierapolis
After breakfast, with Jeep Lycian way Transition Taurus mountain arrival to  Hierapolis  visit the calcium terraces of Pamukkale (cotton castle) and the ruins of Hierapolis, then walk around this natural phenomenon and have the option of lying in the waters of the natural springs.100_1383 Overnight in Pamukkale.

12 Day – With Jeep Pamukkale-Selcuk-Ephesus-Kusadası   
After breakfast, with Jeep Arrival to Selcuk and visit Ancient sites in the world of Ephesus, visiting the Temple of Artemis, Curetes street, famous Roman baths, Celsus Library, Grand theatre and After drive to Kuşadası, Overnight in Kusadası.
13 Day – With Jeep Kusadası via İzmir-İstanbul  
After breakfast, with Jeep Transfer to airport İzmir (ADD) Free day.
14 Day – İstanbul, Free day.
15 Day – İstanbul Transfer to İstambul airport and flight to…………………

In Cappadocia    with breakfast and dinner100_0564
In Eğridir               with breakfast and dinner
In Kasımlar           with breakfast and dinner
In Çaltepe            with breakfast and dinner
In Beskonak         with breakfast and dinner
İn Olympos          with breakfast and dinner
In Yacht Blue Cruise  with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Tea, Coffee, Biscuits/Dinner), fuel, harbour fees, service.Standard yacht equipment, board games, snorkels & masks, fishing lines. extra drinks,
In Fethiye              with Breakfast, and diner
İn Pamukkale       with breakfast and dinner
İn Kusadası           with breakfast and diner
İn İstanbul             with breakfast
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