Footsteps of St. Paul. Historical-Natural Ancient archeological Walking- Expeditions Istanbul, Kusadasi, Ephesus, Pamukkale ,Antalya,Beskonak Koprulo Canyon,Selge,Caltepe, Kesme, Kasımlar, Tota,Adada,  Eğridir-Beyşehir-Konya-Ihlara Cappadocia 12 Days

Presentation :To the north of Antalya, the city on the sea on the slopes of mountains and157 forests and dates back to the times of the ancient Greeks, it penetrates in the lakes region of Turkey, crossing one of the most verdant of the Taurus Mountains. Abound here, as far as the eye stretches of pines, junipers, cedars and oaks. It ‘a blast from the past that is still present in the daily rhythms of pastoral life. Going down to the fertile plains, rich in orchards and cultivated fields, meet rural settlements where the stones still prevail in the construction of houses. The Path of St. Paul, which sometimes emerges in its original flagstone, leads back to the time of the preaching of this important protagonist of religiosity, with his constant travels, he initiated the spread of Christianity across the Anatolian peninsula. Following in his footsteps was founded the largest Christian church that was later100_2894 accepted and legitimized within the Byzantine Empire. Then go back up to the north-east towards an endless plateau looking for churches, monasteries and hermits’ caves with frescoes and paintings that testify to this remarkable past. Cappadocia is called this land. Impressive here is the legacy of distant geological time: petrified in volcanic mountains shrouded in clouds and huge expanses of colorful sandstone, clay, carved by the flow of rivers inabissatisi nell’incedere millennia. (1496 words, including spaces).
SIERRA TAURUS St. Paul TRAILIS the second long distance footpath in Turkey. It runs about 500 kms from the east of Antalya in the lakes region of Turkey. It passes through some of the greenest areas of the Taurus mountains in natural pine, cedar, oak and juniper forests are abound. Then he falls in Lakeland, with its fertile plains full of fruit trees and fields. Untouched by time, pastoral lifestyle, rich history, natural beauty and diversity of wildlife in this area gives you almost everything 100_2890you would like to find a hiker in doubt paseo.Sin one of the highlights around the St Paul Trail Trek, the old town itself and the old way of building stone that leads to that are the inspiration time. Many of the buildings are still in very good condition and the old road is incredibly beautiful. (St Paul Trail)
CAPPADOCIA: The fantastic landscapes of the region of Turkey that formerly was called Cappadocia are the result of a orogenic whim, in which took part the powerful action of volcanoes, rain and time. The volcanic sediments that make up the crust of the soil of Cappadocia have undergone during eras the ferocious erosion of the climatic elements of the Anatolian plateau, gradually creating a own world of dreams unreal scenery populated with formation stony improbable, that the real . Meanwhile, men have taken part to torment still more these landscapes, drilling their entrails to carve churches and monastery, peppering the walls and floor rock 100_2021to build labyrinthine underground cities. The rock architecture reaches in the Cappadocia its apotheosis

 Day 1 – Istanbul – Arrival
Turkey Istanbul Airport. transfer from airport, to hotel.Overnight in Istanbul.
Day 2 – Istanbul
After breakfast, Visit to old city Istanbul ST. SOPHIA This ancient basilica, built by Constantine the Great in the 4th century and reconstructed by Justinian in the 6th century, is one of the architectural marvels of all time. TOPKAPI PALACE The great palace of the Ottoman sultans from the 15th to the 19th centuries housing an exquisite collection of cyrstal, silver, and Chinese porcelain, robes worn by the sultans and their families, the famous jewels of the Imperial Treasury, miniatures, the Holy Mantle; enshrining relics of the Prophet istanbul-yarimadaMohammed. SULTANAHMET IMPERIAL MOSQUE Across from St. Sophia built in the 16th century by the architect Mehmet, is known as the BLUE MOSQUE because of its magnificent interior decoration of blue tiles. HIPPODROME Ancient Hippodrome, Overnight in Istanbul.

Day 3 – İstanbul- Ephesus- Kusadasi-Selcuk
After breakfast, Flight  to İzmir and transfer from İzmir airport to visit  Ancient sites in the world of Ephesus, visiting the Temple of Artemis, Curetes street, famous Roman baths, Celsus Library, Grand theatre, Overnight in Selcuk.
Day 4 – Selcuk – Pamukkale
After breakfast,Transfer with  minibus or Jeep visit the calcium terraces of Pamukkale (cotton castle) and the ruins of Hierapolis, then walk around this natural phenomenon and have the option of lying in the waters of the natural springs and After drive to Antalya. Overnight in Pamukkale. 100_0564
Day 5 – Pamukkale-Antalya Beskonak 
After breakfast,visit to Perge and Aspendos. Perge was first mentioned in 334 BC
St. Paul started his campaign in Anatolia from Perge in 46 AD. Antalya was called Pamphylia in ancient times Aspendos (Belkis). In 486 BC, Greeks and Persians had a great battle here (Greeks won, they didn’t stay for long). During the reign of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius (161-80 AD) Aspendos got its theatre, which is the best preserved of all. It was built by Romans and maintained by Byzantines and Seljuks. Overnight i Accommodation in bungalows Beşkonak
Day 6 – Beşkonak- Koprulo Canyon-Selge-Caltepe
After breakfast,Crossing the park, full of trees henna and rocks sculpted by the wind, to the ruins of Selge, an ancient city where St. Paul preached. Suggestive appear the historical theater 100_1383filled inside the vegetation and terraces supported by dry stone walls where a thriving farming was practiced.Trek: Beskonak (780 m.) – Selge 940 m.) – Caltepe (457 m.) Accommodation in a rural house. Dinner and overnight.
Day 7 Caltepe-Kesme-Kasımlar
After breakfast. Transfer by minibus to Kesme (1038 m.). An ancient path will lead to Kasimlar overlooking the deep canyon. Ruins of rural settlements, herds of goats and shepherds, scenes of local life, spectacular rock formations, accompany the entire route. Trek: Kesme (1038 m.) – Kasimlar (1008 m.) Accommodation in a rural house. Dinner and overnight.
Day 8 Kasımlar-Tota-Adada-Egridir 
After breakfast. Transfer by minibus to the Plateau of Tota (1448 m.).
Along the way visit to the archaeological site of Adada, another important place of the preaching of St. Paul. The route, which runs on a mountain ridge, will lead to an ancient paleo-Christian 100_1853church to descend through a dense forest, until Tota Forestal Park features some very rare flora. Trek: Tota Plateau (1448 m.), Adada (1234 m.), Tota Forestal Park (1000 m.) Transfer about one hour by bus to Egridir (917 m.)
Hotel accommodation Egridir Lakeside,Dinner and overnight.
Day 9 Eğridir-Beyşehir-Konya-Ihlara Cappadocia
After breakfast. Transfer by minibus to Ihlara Cappadocia (1312 m). Stop at Kiona where there is a monastery dating back to the Seljuks. Here are buried the remains of Mevlana, a great mystic philosopher who lived in the thirteenth century, loved and respected by the entire Islamic world. After visiting the mosque, İn the rood visit to the caravanserai Sultanhanı  it starts at the time of the ancient village of Guzelyurt, characterized by the presence of tombs and cave dwellings where the early Christians took refuge to escape from persecution by the Romans and the Pers. Hotel accommodation100_2863 Güzelyurt (Gelveri). Dinner and overnight.
Day 10 Ihlara -Güzelyurt Cappadocia 
After breakfast. Transfer by bus and visit the troglodyte fortress of Selimiye Entrance to the Valley of Ihlara, crossed by the river Melendiz that created a deep canyon: a paradise off the walls dotted with caves of hermits, small monasteries, rock-hewn churches, carved into the rock, which contain within them extraordinary paintings of sacred writings dating back to ‘Byzantine era. 10 km long canyon. Transfer to Urgup and hotel accommodation. Dinner and overnight.
Day 11 Cappadocia Red Valley- Devrent Valley- Love Valley,
After breakfast. Transfer by bus to the Red Valley (1000 m). Along the way you meet the Devrent Valley with unique rock formations, sculpted by erosion, which have some kind of animal. 100_1943The entire day is dedicated to an unforgettable excursion through ancient fruit trees, herbs and shrubs, where the tuff eroded and shaped by the wind and weather, has given rise to the cones and the famous “fairy chimneys”.
Accommodation Return to the hotel. Dinner and overnight.
Day 12 Cappadocia Transfer ………………….
After breakfast. Transfer by bus to the airport of Kayseri or Nevsehir. Flight  to Istanbul ……………….

İn İstanbul           with breakfast
İn Kusadası         with breakfast and dinner
İn Pamukkale      with breakfast and dinner
İn Antalya            with breakfast and dinner
In Eğridir              with breakfast and dinner
In Kasımlar          with breakfast and dinner
In Çaltepe            with breakfast and dinner
In Beskonak         with breakfast and dinner
In Cappadocia     with breakfast and dinner
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